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Furuno TZtouch2 and FI-70, back in the game! 19

Furuno TZtouch2 and FI-70, back in the game!


Sorry for the blown out screens, but the point of this photo is Furuno USA marketing manager Dean Kurutz, who co-delivered the NavNet TZtouch2 introduction with senior product manager Eric Kunz just like they did with the original NavNet in 2001 — when I was just getting into electronics writing — and every NavNet update since. The dynamic duo have been coming to Miami with the company since well into the last century and a lot of their colleagues have similar histories. If you go Furuno you get remarkable management consistency and institutional memory, but that doesn’t mean they’re old school…

Furuno WS200 detail; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry… 40

Furuno WS200 detail; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…


Furuno’s new WS200 wind/heading/GPS etc. sensor is obviously a re-branded Airmar PB200, and that’s fine; some customers want all their electronics to come from one manufacturer (and sometimes I think they’re smarter than I am ;-).  But, in fact, there is one slight difference between the WS200 and the PB200 that Airmar ships today, and once you understand it, and the silliness around it, you too may laugh, cry, scream, or some combination thereof…

Furuno NAVpilot 700 Series, w/ CANbus 7

Furuno NAVpilot 700 Series, w/ CANbus


Just as with the nifty-looking new RD- and GP-33 color 4.3-inch displays, Furuno Japan is ahead of FurunoUSA in announcing the new NAVpilot 700 series.  (Sorry, Klamath, but if it’s on the Web somewhere, some Panbot is apt to find it — thanks, Frank! — and I feel obliged to write about it ;-).  Aside from the brochure downloadable at that link, the most information I’ve found so far is a press release at the Australian Furuno distributor, which discusses a “unique Fish Hunter Mode” as well how highly sailboats figure on the feature list.  While I’m not sure such features are new relative to the existing NAVPilot 500 series, the use of CANbus (aka NMEA 2000, an unfortunate word game we discussed here) in the three control heads and the processor definitely is.  But the brochure diagram has me scratching my chin…

Furuno RD-33 & GP-33, looking very good 20

Furuno RD-33 & GP-33, looking very good

Furuno RD-33 brochure clip.jpg

Thanks to Panbo readers “arisatx” and “Recovering Racer”, commenting on one of the FI-50 instrument entries, we’ve learned that Furuno is introducing the RD-33 data display with a bright, high res 4.3-inch color display and powerful abilities at not only displaying NMEA 0183 and 2000 data but also bridging either type between sensors and other displays.  There’s going to be a somewhat similar GP-33 GPS, too, and all the details look very good indeed…