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Garmin visit #3, WFO 11

Garmin visit #3, WFO


Phase two of the Garmin extravaganza — a fishing trip off Texas with pro angler Bill Platt — may not have gone quite as planned, but I don’t think you need much more than this image of calm seas, blue sky, and a huge ass red snapper to know that it was truly a blast…

Garmin visit #2, GPSMap 78 6

Garmin visit #2, GPSMap 78


Today Garmin introduced the GPSMap 78 series, an apparently major refresh of the 76 series long popular with boaters.  While I only got to fiddle with a pre-production unit for a moment, I did learn a lot about the industrial design process behind it.  The ID department in Olathe — aka “The Skunk Works” or “Area 51” —  has a tool collection that would make all sorts of craftsmen and artists drool, but I’ll save that story for another day.  What’s particularly notable about the exhibit shown above and below is how many design iterations were created and modeled for the 78, and how detailed they were…

Garmin visit #1, making stuff 9

Garmin visit #1, making stuff

Messy maybe, but this is how marine electronics get made, and Garmin HQ in Olathe, Kansas, is all about making stuff.  The engineer who leads the hardware side of the marine department told me...

Garmin AIS revisited, a dite dissappointing 6

Garmin AIS revisited, a dite dissappointing

  Today I thought I’d see how well the latest 3210 software (version. 2.6) handles input from the SeaCas SafePassage 300 (it’s got a model number now because Fred has added two new versions). The results...


Garmin buys GEOS, good or bad for SEND distress services?

SEND is not a commonly used acronym, but it’s especially worth understanding because Garmin just acquired GEOS Worldwide, the company that runs “the only global Search and Rescue Coordination Center for Satellite Emergency Notification Devices (S.E.N.D.).” If you own a Garmin inReach this is almost undoubtedly good news, but what about boaters who use other SEND distress, tracking, and messaging systems like Globalstar Spot, Iridium GO, Inmarsat IsatPhone, Zoleo, Skymate Mazu, and others?…


Turn your phone into a fishfinder with Garmin’s new Striker Cast castable sonar

Garmin today introduced STRIKER Cast— a castable fishfinder that delivers sonar wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet. No boat? No problem. STRIKER Cast is a versatile sonar device that anglers can take with them wherever they go. Just cast it out from where the fish are biting that day – the bank, a dock, or even from a kayak – to view fish and structure in crisp detail on the free STRIKER Cast app, compatible with both Apple and Android devices. With STRIKER Cast, anglers can even create their own fishing maps for an even more detailed look at the area they’re fishing.


Garmin announces OnDeck boat monitoring

Garmin today announced its new OnDeck System, a remote monitoring and management solution that gives boaters 24/7 access to critical and timely information about their vessel. When paired with the ActiveCaptain app, OnDeck keeps users connected to their vessel by monitoring the boat’s battery status, bilge activity, door/hatch sensors, GPS location and more.


Garmin announces 250 watt, solid-state, open-array Fantom 254/256 radars

Garmin today announced the GMR Fantom 254/256 open-array radars delivering 250W of pulse compression power, its highest-powered solid-state marine radar on the market. The new Fantom 254/256 series uses Garmin’s signature MotionScope™ technology to detect and highlight moving targets in different colors, helping users avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds and track weather.