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Garmin 6 O'Clock View Marine Monitor vs. Standard Model

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Byron B
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Are the 6 O'Clock View versions of the GMM-170 marine monitors interchangeable with the standard version monitors? I am having difficulty finding info on the real differences between these monitors online anywhere, just a blanket statement about if you look at the monitor from below they recommend the 6 O'Clock version. Can this be changed with a software update?

These 4:3 ratio monitors are discontinued because everyone moved to the 16:9 widescreens, so finding replacement 4:3 units is not as easy as it used to be. I would very much like to know what the real world differences are if I replace a 6 O'Clock version with the standard version.

Does anyone know what will the two versions would look like mounted side by side, since I do look at them from a downward angle? One sits directly in front of me and the other is off to the port a bit. Would it be better for the 6 O'Clock version to be directly in front of me, and the standard version off to the port, or vice versa?? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!