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Comment Tips & Rules

Constructive and specific feedback on Panbo content is much appreciated by all, and even a bit of silliness is enjoyed. However, we are determined to moderate comments so that people with valuable opinions and information -- as well as those with valid questions -- are heard. Here are some tips and policies:

Please do:

  • Keep on topic.
  • Read the entry and prior comments before adding your two cents.
  • Write short and to the point; it's more apt to be read.
  • Include links to articles or sites you mention. (Use the entire "" URL and leave at least a space on either side of it.)
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  • Report comments you find objectionable.
  • It's fine for manufacturers to comment on entries about their own or other products, but please state your affiliation, even if you don't use your name.

Please don't:

  • Pretend you are a consumer if you are actually in the trade.
  • Write all in CAPITAL LETTERS; it's just like shouting.
  • Write in really long paragraphs, as they're difficult to read.
  • Jam your comment full of links, which can also hurt readability.
  • Put long quotes in your comment if you can link to the material instead.
  • Keep saying the same thing over and over in multiple comments.

Edit Policy

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  • Are off-topic or are otherwise likely to disrupt the flow of conversation relating to the entry under which they are posted.
  • Harass or are abusive to other members of the community.
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  • Encourage or condone unlawful activity.
  • Contain personal contact details (other than a URL) or advertisements.
  • Are repetitious or spam.
Panbo reserves the right to edit, move or delete any message, or terminate posting privledges, at any time, for any reason. The editor's decision about the suitability of all comments is final.