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NAIS 400, GPS wire

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Dan Corcoran
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I severed my NAIS 400 wire from the device to the GPS sensor. What is the best way to resplice this coax cable, or what would be the generic replacement part (wire with integrated GPS)? For the moment, I spliced the core conductor and the braid independently and expect maybe that isn't ideal for signal integrity.

Hartley Gardner
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Hi Dan.  That looks to be a simple coaxial cable, but wire-to-wire splicing doesn't work so well at microwave (1.5 GHz) frequencies!  - a couple of options:

1. replace the cable entirely - I don't know what is at the antenna end - if its sealed, this isn't a handy option - if there is a connector, then just get a new cable and re-run it.

2. If the cut is close to the NAIS, install a new connector (SMA male, I believe) on the cut end.  This (and the next option) requires the ability to install the appropriate connector 🙂

3.  Install either mating (male-female) connectors or two males and a female-female adapter on each end of the cut cable.  This is the only good way to "splice" coax.

4. Replace the entire GPS antenna with a new one (these are easily found on eBay - you want one with a built-in preamp and an SMA connector).

  For specific advice on connectors, tell me the type of cable they are using, as the manual doesn't say.  The good thing about GPS antennas is that the built-in preamp at the antenna end makes the coax run far less critical.


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