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Engine digital data
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Engine digital data


Peter Øvad Halkjær
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Hello everyone. 

I have 2 CMD 2.8 ES 200hp engines KCR 235hp (2006) VM motori MB704LH.
Unfortunately, they do not have smartcraft.
On the wiring harness there is an outlet for the dianogstic 3 wire pole.
Is this output with J1708 / J1939 protocol ?.
Yacht devices have an adapter for nmea2000.
Would like to be able to read out engine data digitally.

Link to pictures and service manual (Diagram page 4-17/4-18/4-19)

removed link

Greetings Peter
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Fox Marine has a gateway for MEFI engines.  Allen has developed a system that monitors all available engine data and, thru bluetooth, the system displays on iPad or Android.  I installed his system on a twin 8.1 houseboat.