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Mark Resman
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I need to change the information on my NAIS 400, as the previous owner was registered in France.  I obtained a new radio call number and MMSI number and I used ProAIS2 to get everything correct except MMSI number.  I understand it’s pretty straightforward, but local Navico support want $100 if I bring in the unit. Entering the reset code via the serial stream of ProAIS2, or ProAIS, was not successful for me.

Anyone have a reasonably priced support person who can do this in the Miami area? Or, know where to get the code to do a comple device reset?

I assume the first owner had the boat vendor do the initial programming.  Vessel size and gps locations were all wrong, and no radio station identifier was entered.  Most of it is now right!


Steve Mitchell
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I don't know of anyone in the Miami area, but I have worked for years with Doug @ Milltech Marine. He has helped me with some factory reset issues in the past, and may be willing to assist. 

I have found that some manufacturers, and thereby their resellers, are very particular about having reset info in the wild, and actually frown upon it being done, and that is why they force you to pay and go through their process. I know of at least one manufacturer I was never able to get reset without sending it back to them directly.