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Touch Screen - MFD
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Touch Screen - MFD

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Marcus Eich
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I'm currently converting my analog sensors to digital (engine gauges and nav) and connect them to NMEA 2k. To monitor I would like to install a "non-fancy" touch screen as a MFD. So minimum requirements are IP65, 1000nit, 11". The screen might only run a browser to access the NMEA gateway via URL (a small computer should do that or a in-build CPU). The usual suspects Garmin, RM, ... are probably in the price range of $1k+ and offer much more than i need. I saw Xenarc but they are equally expensive.


Anyone has an idea what brand i can look at? 



Ben Stein
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A resistant, sunlight viewable, touchscreen display seems to come in around the same cost as many finished product MFDs from the major manufacturers. I think with some real persistence you could probably source something from China. But I also think it's likely you will end up spending as much or more than you would for a finished product because it's likely you will end up trying several before you find one to your liking.

-Ben S.


Joe Eckenrode
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A camera field monitor might fit the bill.  They're pretty bright.  Getting cheaper on amazon now that everyone is streaming and blogging.