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Early Starlink review on theverge

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Ben Stein
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Topic starter has just posted a very real-wolrd view of the Starlink beta. I'd say for those hoping that Starlink (myself included) is going to solve, or at least majorly improve, the landscape of getting reliable and affordable internet on your boat, the news isn't all good.

Basically, so far reliability is low, effects of coverage obstacles are high, and throughput is mediorcre. 

As I said, not what we were hoping for but good to get a dose of reality.

-Ben S.


Jason Philbrook
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Theverge is owned by vox which is owned by Comcast, so I'd expect some trash talk about this from a cable company.


Really, a clear view of the sky has always been important for reliable sat services. Nothing new except the slow satellites this replaces were stationary.

Dan Corcoran
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I am a fan of all things Elon, and don't see much hope for mobile use, even at anchor, this year unless your part of the us airforce fighter pilot trial.

Steve has a good piece here and an even less rosy outlook.