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Matsutec HP 528A plotter interface to NMEA 2000 help with pin outs needed


Hillary Corney
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Hi All, I am networking my boat which has an odd assortment of instruments that various owners have installed over the years. I cannot replace them all as i don't have the funds But now I am trying to put in a Modern NMEA 2000 network using the Garmin backbone and T-Connectors. I have one Raymarine ST60 Wind instrument and I have got the correct adaptor lead to connect it to the Garmin T connector. The problem is the Matsutec HP 528A plotter. It has a non-standard connector on the back and came with an unwired plug. The pinouts are:

Pin 1 RS-232 RX

Pin 2 RS-232 TX

Pin 3 Ground

Pin 4 RS-422 RX -

Pin 5 RS-422 RX +

Pin 6 RS-422 TX-

Pin 7 RS-422 TX+

Am I right in thinking that NEMA 2000 is based on RS-422 ? in which case is it possible to make a drop cable that goes from Micro-C male to plug into the Garmin T connector to the Matsutec HP 528A plotter plug as above? If it is, can some kind person tell me which pins I could connect to which. As this has me stumped. Thanks a bunch,




Ben Ellison
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"Am I right in thinking that NEMA 2000 is based on RS-422?"

No, NMEA 2000 is based on CANbus and is very different from RS-422/232 communications.

But NMEA 0183 is based on RS serial protocols, so that is probably an 0183 port on your Matsutec.

Sorry for the late reply.