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Simrad go9 with Raymarine st7001+ autopilot

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Aaron Bartholomew
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Hi everyone,

Have installed new Simrad go9 to a 34 Searay 2001. It has an st60 tri data and st7001+ autopilot by Raymarine.

I have purchased a seatalk to nmea hub thingy!!!!! And i got sea temp, depth and speed. No matter how hard i try i can't get any data (it seems) Ive been reading a lot of different things online but can't seem to get it connected. Apparently i should be able to get Rudder and heading i think. The autopilot course computer is 150 ASG.

Is there any way to run this for atleast another 6 to 12months till i can afford a new autopilot.

Also if anyone knows, do i need to replace all the autopilot gear, or can i run a new course computer, flux compass and head unit on well maintained existing gear.

Thank you for any help.




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