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Furuno NXT radar loses targets at some ranges, Simrad HALO too?

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Ben Ellison
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After years of using a Furuno DRS4D-NXT, I've never seen this problem reported by an NXT owner in Sweden, and I didn't see it with the HALO 24 that was installed on Gizmo all last season either. But maybe readers have seen it?

I've been a long time reader of your wonderful site and have purchased a lot of electronics based on your very professional reviews.

During my 2 seasons with NXT I have found something in my Furuno NXT witch I think might be interesting for your "Doppler radar comparison" that is about to be published. Please watch the video showing how NXT with target analyzer in "target" mode is losing targets in certain ranges.

I believe it has to do with pulse compression and that the software fails to keep the same gain/filters between the different pulses that form the complete pulse. I also know that this is in fact an issue with Simrads HALO as well. The Swedish coast guards vessels can lose echoes as big a RIB between certain distance intervals.


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