METS 2023: EPT Technologies solid-state battery destruction demo

You can bet that when a company puts out word that they’re going to destroy a new battery technology on the show floor, both Panbo Bens will be there. Ben Ellison even had the honor of playing Vanna White for the demonstration. EPT Technologies, with permission from show management, pierced a solid-state battery cell with a screwdriver. Not once, but twice. Want to know what happened? Read on, but, spoiler alert, both Bens are fine.

EPT Technologies wasn’t overly forthcoming with details on the battery’s chemistry and exact construction, but I still think this demo is a pretty big deal. As the industry battles questions of lithium battery safety, this demo speaks volumes about EPT’s confidence in the emerging solid-state battery category. Although EPT may be confident, perhaps the bigger endorsement comes from the RAI who allowed this test to be performed on the floor of the show with thousands of people in the convention center.

As I mentioned, EPT was a little light on chemistry information for the battery they punctured, but their battery overview page has good information on their full line. EPT Technology’s focus is on electric propulsion systems so these batteries systems are high-density, relatively high-voltage systems. I thought it was encouraging to hear both the positive safety information and that the solid-state batteries are cheaper than several of the existing options.

Take a watch and let us know what you think!

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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3 Responses

  1. Rich West says:

    Here’s a video where three types of lithium batteries are destroyed. LFP does very well.

  2. Todd Sawicki says:

    Here’s a good recent article on the state of solid state lithium batteries. Solid state has been the holy grail for years for EVs – VW and Toyota have been targeting 2027/28 with their efforts –

    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Thanks, Todd. I’ve been looking for an article like that. My two takeaways:

      * Apparently there are many types of solid-state lithium battery, so naming the specific underlying chemistry/technology will become important to understanding what’s happening.

      * Some major players are predicting amazing performance, but mostly not until 2028, which makes me wonder what EPT is up to.

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