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Marine Electronics Certification


Robert McDowell
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How does one become "certified" in the marine electronics industry? Being a former IT Networking consultant with an electronics degree from way back I would like to get some certifications so I can move on to my next venue as a sailing electronics technician. Any good ideas? I am currently located in the UK but I do get around as I am a delivery skipper. I have about 4 years before my wife and I go sailing full time.



Jason Philbrook
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NMEA organization has certification classes onlines and in different places.

Once you get the basics of boat wiring down, your IT networking skills will place you well ahead of the very gray haired technicians in our industry. Nothing unusual, most trades these days are full of people fast approaching retirement.

Ben Ellison
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Right, and a lot of the NMEA certification trainings are being done virtually these days: