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Need help troubleshooting older Simrad Instruments

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Jordan Epstein
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My S2 7.9 lives on a trailer mast up in Northern Utah.  I have all the other things repaired and it is ready to sail.  I just redid the electrical system to get it up to a safe setup. 


This my first boat with any Instuments.  My Simrad Displays show it is on with but I can't get any other information other than the temperature to be indicated.  The boat is a 3 hour drive so I like to be very prepared to get things fixed when I arrive there, so hope the folks here can give me a trouble shooting procedure for next time i get to visit my boat.


The boat has a speedo and depth gauge, wind indicator with a masthead sensor, and an autopilot.  Because none of them are working, I suspect it could be a problem in the Simnet wiring.  I was hoping for suggestion on how to track down the issue(s) on these instruments and get them working.