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Raymarine Lighthouse Chart Updates & Applying USCG LNM Corrections

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Richard LaPalme
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I recently started using a Raymarine Axiom + multi-function display with Raymarine Lighthouse charts for my cruising navigation. Love the physical unit, well made, easy to use interface, solid gear.

I'm trying to find out how to determine the NOAA chart release date or update date for the chart segment being viewed.  I've read the Lighthouse User Manual, all 900+ pages, scoured the Chartstore web site and queried the customer service reps with no results. At present there seems to be no way to know what the chart release date is and therefore no way to know how up to date the represented navigation aids are. The weekly USCG Local Notice to Mariners contains NAVAID discrepancies and chart corrections but Raymarine does not appear to provide any way for users to know what the date is of the chart segment they are viewing on the MFD and thus which LNMs the user needs to be aware of.  

How do you resolve which USCG LNM apply to the chart(s) you are viewing on your MFD?

Any suggestions of how to determine the chart dates for the Raymarine North American Lighthouse charts?

Thanks for your suggestions.