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Looking for NAC-2/3...
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Looking for NAC-2/3 NMEA2000 data dump


Hans Tool
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This spring I'll replace my Raymarine C80 MFD with a B&G Vulcan.

I'm aiming to fake a B&G NAC-2/3 autopilot in order to unlock the autopilot screen on the Vulcan MFD. Then I want to listen for autopilot commands from the Vulcan and translate them into commands for my Raymarine AP that sits on Seatalk1 behind a Seatalk1 <-> SeatalkNG converter.

Using SignalK I can now control the autopilot through software. Next step is now to fake the NAC-2 removed link

Who can help me with a network dump of a NAC-2 removed link Ideally the being turned on during the dump and then some state changes.