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Calypso Wind Sensor Question

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Jon Kinne
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I fitted an Airmar PB-200 and have been happy with the data it produces and feeds my N2K network and its instruments. However, I would like to use the Sailtimer app on my tablet to be able to produce tacking time to destination for the entire route, and the only way to get the wind data into the tablet is via Bluetooth.

I really don't like the Sailtimer wind instrument itself (which sends its wind sentences over Bluetooth), and I ran across some information on the Calypso High-End interface which seems to indicate that you can input wired NMEA 0183 data into the gateway and send it out as BTE. I thought this would be perfect...I could get the NMEA 0183 wind sentences from my existing PB-20000000and the gateway would broadcast them to my tablet for use by the Sailtimer app.

However, I just received a message from a lady at Calypso which said that the gateway "only works with our wind meter".  Wondering if Ben could confirm if that is true...seems to me 0183 is 0183 and the gateway wouldn't care what sensor was sending it, but don't want to invest in the Calypso gateway without knowing.

Or does anyone have a better idea how to get data to a Sailtimer app running on something at the helm?

Ben Ellison
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Hi Jon, I am testing a Calypso Ultrasonic with the HighEnd version of their NMEA 0183/2000 gateway, but I've only tried the Bluetooth output with their app along with the gateway's slim N2K stream. Let me think more on it, and I also have a question.

I'm wondering if the lady at Calypso in Spain meant that the gateway only works with 0183 input from their wind sensor -- which, like you, I doubt -- or if she meant that the gateway will only send wind data over Bluetooth to their app? I think that's possible and it would be a problem, and the vice-versa seems possible with your Sailtimer app? Or maybe she only meant that their gateway was only designed to work with their wind sensors, input from other wind sensors neither guaranteed nor supported?

Ben Stein
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Hi Jon,


I have another concern before you even get to the compatibility of Calypso's gateway. Are you sure that the Sailtimer app will accept data via Bluetooth from anything other than the Sailtimer hardware? It's possible but I'd be a little surprised if it did. I don't think there's any reason to think they would have used a standard data format versus their own proprietary one. 

-Ben S.


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