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Connecting Raymarine autopilot ACU-400/controller P70 to a Garmin gWind sensor

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Xavier González-Ortega
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I am connecting a Raymarine ACU-400 with a P70 controller  to a Garmin gWind sensor with a GND 10 transducer (Nexus to NMEA 2000 network) with NMEA 2000 cables and connectors, but the P70 controller does not receive  and does not show the Wind speed and Wind angle.

when trying to detect the Wind sensor device at the controller it sends an advice “Source  selection not possible. Consult manual for more info” but the manual does not mention anything related

Will appreciate your comments/instructions.

Xavier Gonzalez-Ortega

Ben Ellison
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Hi Xavier and sorry that we did notice your forum post awaiting moderation. Maybe you've already solved the problem but first thing I'd be looking for is confirmation that the N2K network is working properly. Is there any other N2K display showing the Wind sensor output? Or could you borrow one to check?