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Samsung SmartThings on board

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Brian Strong
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I have found the Smart Home devices also work well on my boat.  You can control door access and many other devices if you have a Wifi connection.   
Even without an on board SmartThings Hub and Wifi you can use a Samsung SmartThings Tracker to always know where your boat is from your Smartphone App.   The first year of LTE coverage is included and thereafter it is $5./month.  That is a bargain compared to alternatives.   It retails for $99.   But you can find it for closer to $60.  

Ben Ellison reacted
Ben Ellison
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Thanks, Brian!  Home monitoring is a very confusing area, I find, and more so when you try to put it on a boat. But SmartThings definitely looks interesting when I see how far it can extend, like here...

The tracker too: