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Signal K - the answer to all of my questions?

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Marcus Eich
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Hi all,

I did a quick search but could not find a related topic in the forum.

My current setup is: IPad running Navionics and Aqua Map, a Vesper Cortex (for AIS/GPS), a AlbaCombi for Engine data on N2k, an old NMEA 183 Autopilot, a N2k wind indicator and Fishfinder, some Victron N2k battery monitors and a Yacht Design Wi-Fi Gateway YDWG-02 (does not work reliable - keeps disconnecting from WIFI). Also I have some Alexa enabled switches for heater/lights.and temperature.

What I want:
- control the Autopilot with my Ipad
- integrate the smart home switches into N2k and or Signal K
- nice engine instrument panel (the one from YD is a bit clunky)
- chart plotter wich shows AIS , debth data and maybe even the official charts (USACE surveys) 

Solution: Is signal K (COASTAL EXPLORER & iKommunicate) the answer to all of my questions

thanks so much,