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Evinrude Etec Gen 1 Setup

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We are finishing up on the restoration of 20ft Mako with a 2007 175HP Evinrude Etec Gen 1.

I have a Garmin Echomap GPS and would like to tap into the outboards data most importantly for Fuel flow and RPM. 

Can anyone link me to a product or outline the steps to set this up?

Also is there a marine grade display screen that is universal and will display engine management, tap into gps data, stereo and amplifier and can be linked via Bluetooth to your phone? 

Looking for a clean dash setup with a single screen similar to what you see in the Teslas and new ev cars. 






Ben Ellison
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Well, I got access to the NMEA data in my 115 E-TEC with pleasing results:

But as I wrote, Evinrude is not very clear about how to do it and what you'll get. Here are some good alternate info sources:

As far as an all-one-gauge, I suggest checking Veratron, who are good at combining info like N2K, GPS, and analog inputs like some aspects of your E-TEC that aren't on N2K, like fuel tank level.

But a small MFD will likely do a better job with the N2K data and can also handle N2K audio control, which I don't think you'll find in a gauge.

Not sure that you can get to a single screen, but maybe close.