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NMEA 0183 to NMEA 2000

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Håkan Larsson
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I have a Simrad GO7 plotter with an NMEA 2000 interface on it. I have no network in my boat. Now I only want to connect my old Raymarine ST6002 (NMEA 0183 and SeaTalk) auto pilot to the Simrad plotter. The only function I hope to achieve is controlling +/-1&10 degrees rudder correction from the Simrad plotter, nothing else. For me that should mean communication in only one direction  

I understand the big difference between 0183 and 2000 but from reading earlier posts I cannot figure out a few things:

-is it at all, from electrical signal level and communication protocol point of view, possible to connect these two units without some sort of converter in between?

- if yes, would my little project work?

- these are the four terminals on the 0183 unit: +/- in and +/- out. 

- these are the four (+ shield) terminals on the 2000 unit: NET-S (+12 V), NET-C (-12 V), NET-H and NET-L. 

How to connect?

Look forward to hear from someone expert in the area!

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Steve Mitchell
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The GO7 has only a NMEA 2000 port, so you're sort of constrained there.  NMEA 0183 and 2000 are not electrically the same, and you cannot splice a 0183 device into a 2000 cable, or vise versa. 

You would need a 2000 to 0183 device of some sorts - there are a ton to choose from, but the one I've seen the most for single purpose use is the Actisense NGW-1. Not only would it connect the two, but you can program it to do various things to the data going back and forth, in the event that your Raymarine ST-series pilot needs more specific data, or something converted, etc. 

In addition to the NGW-1, you would also need to create a small NMEA 2000 network which would include two terminators (one at each end), a backbone, and two tees or drop cables - one to the NGW-1 and one to the Simrad GO7.

Simrad also sells various gateways and such too, but I have found the NGW-1 to be far more configurable and controllable, especially when mixing vendor types. That would be my only caution here - I would investigate to make sure that what you want to do with the autopilot is actually possible - will it accept certain NMEA 0183 sentences, and what are those sentences? Compare that with the PGNs that the GO7 would send on NMEA 2000 and ensure those would flow the right way, correctly, and that the NGW-1 can convert them appropriately.


Håkan Larsson
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Thanks for the quick and exhaustive response!
I will look into the alternatives.