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Garmin - Connect It All?

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Had a GPSMAP 942xs on my cruiser and kept it when I sold the boat.

I am restoring my Princecraft 167 and trying to figure it all out.

In addition to the GPSMAP 942xs I bought a used GPSMAP 1040xs, GCV20 Sonar with the GT34 transom mount transducer and a Garmin Force Trolling Motor which has the GT54 built in transducer

Both are 8-pin and can be networked together with the GCV20.

Each plotter came with a transducer and the trolling motor has one as well

Looking for best way to connect it all to use the Trolling motor transducer. The GCV20 transducer and unit transducer if any benefit.

Want the ability to turn off each transducer as needed.

Thanks, Doug

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