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Need fix! Garmin contour card fail!

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I have apparently  lost 4 years of extensive bottom mapping on contours. My original Garmin, an 840xs, and now my new one, 1042xsv, just started showing error messages saying the map format is not supported.this card (Duracell 8g) dates back to when quickdraw first released.

I have been able to view and copy the cards files to my PC but my efforts to make a new card that will work in Garmin have failed. Same "not supported" message.

I would love to hear from someone who has some experience/knowledge on this.

Especially if you've made a working duplicate card.

I am not sure if this is card problem or an issue with Garmin firmware updates that no longer support the original map format.

A couple cards I started more recently still work fine on the Garmin.

Have found little documentation on this issue.

Been emailing back and forth with Garmin support no luck yet. Also unable to upload svy file to Garmin contours community site either from faulty or working cards. Seems there may be a size limitation and my svy files are 100 to 200mb.

Any suggestions for a fix welcome. Is there any hope of getting my original maps to work again?



Ben Ellison
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Anon, I think you were smart to copy your Quickdraw data to a PC and I trust you will be able to access that data some way someday if not soon. I'm wondering if you are using Garmin's ActiveCaptain app and WiFi to pass contour data to and from your MFD? That's been working pretty well for me, though I have not tried to copy Quickdraw data to the special SD card that gets set up by ActiveCaptain.

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Thanks for the reply!

I've used active cap to update machine and to add community marks/waypoints etc...but haven't seen how to use it to copy  contours....thought that was done separately from the community site 

However, i was finally able to make a new working card of my contours by copying over  .qdc files after I had tried a card with just the .svy file.

Then eventually received a response from Garmin they were able to upload my rather large svy file to the site. Not sure why it's not working on my end.

Long and short is I've got most of my maps back!

I suggest regularly loading files to the site and/or backing up locally as it's a bummer to loose years of extensive charts.....and memory cards can fail!