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Interface for volvo tamd 63p-a engine to display engine indications on mfd


Dan Sauter
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Has anyone converted a 1999 volvo tamd 63p to the new stamdard that allows digital display of tach. Oil press. Temp.Fuel flow. Bat and charging

Ben Stein
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Hi Dan,


The TAMD-63P uses J1708 to communicate engine data. You can use a Yacht Devices YDES-04N ( ) to convert from J1708 to NMEA 2000. But, be warned that the ECU on your engine doesn't have oil pressure data. So, if you want that data you will need to add a YDTA-01 to your setup and connect it to the analog oil pressure sender on your engine(s).


-Ben S.


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When I look at the wiring diagram for the TAMD63P I can’t see a diagnostics connector where the YDES-04 would connect? How can we tell if our engines are compatible - does it depend on model year maybe?