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Intergration of Raymarine HSB, C120 and OpenCPN

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John Seger
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My old boat has old electronics.  But, the HSB RL80 radar works very well.  So does the HSB depth sounder and ST autopilot.  I was able to integrate a C120 into the flybridge for better graphics and use this MFD for charts and control of the autopilot.  I also added a Icom MA-500TR and connected this to the C120 to lay AIS targets onto fresh Navionics charts.  We have done well with this setup the last two seasons owning the boat. 

Next year we are heading up the inside passage and I am looking for some backup.  To get there I am adding a Yacht Devices YDNR-02.  This integrates NMEA 0183, N2K, Seatalk 1 and WiFi.  My goal will be to get GPS, AIS, Depth and Autopilot control onto the OpenCPN toughbook.  As a bonus this will bring N2K to the boat.  Since I am also adding the Gobius tank readers to water and waste, I may add an analog engine/tank monitor to N2K box (Actisense or other if there are opinions - single Lehman SP225) so I can display engine and tank data on the C120 or on an app.  Why not?

This is a lot to get done and I will work on this over the next couple months.  Any advice accepted.  We leave in May 2023.