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GPS for Tacktick MN100 dual diplay - raymarine

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nidai ilkay
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we have bought a second hand sail boat and has the following instruments on board;

-tacktick mn100 dual digital display
-tacktick mn100 analog display
-tacktick T120 wind transmitter
-tacktick T915 triducer
-T122 wireless interface
We dont have a gps and compass in the system and therefore cant use the full features of the displays such as the true wind, position and the compass.
We contacted raymarine and they stated we should get T908 GPS so that it works. I am looking for an alternative much cheaper option and thought i can get some advise here..
I searched and found out this one but not sure if it will work or how to connect it..
Would any one can suggest a third party gps and compass so that i can attach it to the T122 wireless interface?

Ben Ellison
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Hi Nidai, 

I think that the $26 (!) Marine GPS you found will work with your T122, and will hopefully include a wiring diagram or color coding so it easily installs. But you might also consider the well proven and supported Garmin Gps 19x Hvs Nmea 0183:

I can't think of a low cost 12v NMEA 0183 heading sensor, but maybe someone else will pipe up.

And I did find the Tacktick T122 to be quite able when I tried one years ago:

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Steve Mitchell
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I had a full Tacktick system on my sailboat Jammy 6+ years ago (or longer) and it was a wonderful system with the exception of the masthead wind instrument. I went through several of those, mostly due to battery or solar issues and not connecting to the network down below. The last one I had lasted much longer, and I heard they had resolved most of the issues with that particular unit.


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