Personal Location Beacon Failure

I have posted about the workings of EPIRB and choosing the right EPIRB equipment before, but it seems that not every device functions as it should. With equipment that is so life-critical, be carefull not to save a few dollars at the expense of…
“Unfortunately, in the testing, the off-the-shelf McMurdo Ltd. ‘Precision 406 MHz GPS EPIRB’ (also known as G4 406 MHz GSP EPIRB) and the McMurdo Ltd. ‘Fastfind Plus 406 MHz Personal Location Beacon’ (also known as the Fastfind Plus 406 MHz PLB) both failed to reliably acquire a GPS location ‘fix’ under operational ‘real-world conditions,’� Ritter said. �The tests revealed that purchasers of these GPS-equipped 406 MHz beacons � who paid a premium for the added GPS technology in the hopes of potentially shortening rescue response with faster location information and increased location precision � are apparently not getting what they paid for and are operating under false expectations.�

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