AIS, this ‘n’ that #4

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. del (uk) says:

    Yes the Class B standard IS finished as IEC 62287, should be published “real soon now” though those in the industry already have acess to the FDIS (final pre-publication) version anyway. According to some retailers, Class B units should be available in July 2006.

  2. Pascal says:

    I do not know if everibody already had seen this site: there is a beautifull demo of a fantastic AIS software AIS2Ozi for PPC:

  3. MacENC says:

    Here is a MacENC user in the UK using a NASA AIS receiver..
    AIS in UK

  4. P J MacMillan says:

    Article on AIS, April 25, 2006 has reference �* Check out Maritec, makers of just about everything AIS including test hardware and software. The news section suggests that the Class B AIS standard is finally done (maybe someone can confirm?).�
    The international standard IEC62287-1 (Class B/CS) can now be purchased from IEC as stated by Maritec (hyperlink provided by Maritec to navigate to IEC online web store: Publication date 2006-03-20.
    Check Their AIS receiver seems to be the cheapest on the market @ USD99.00
    Peter J MacMillan

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