GEC introduces new Aqua Map update: We have a new look!

May 6, 2024 – GEC srl is pleased to announce the launch of one of the most significant updates for its popular product, Aqua Map. This update marks a very important step forward, with a series of new features and improvements designed to make the user experience even more intuitive and rewarding.

Among the many updates, two key elements stand out:

A refined new User Interface designed to enhance the app’s usability with a clearer and more intuitive design. Through a revised layout and improved data visibility, the navigation experience becomes smoother and more user-friendly. Careful attention has been paid to colors and spacing to ensure a clean and modern appearance, while the ability to customize remains at the core of our user experience. Aqua Map now offers a consistent look across both Android and iOS platforms.

Another significant new feature has been implemented to make the integration experience with onboard instrumentation even more complete: Autopilot connection feature. Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, Aqua Map is releasing Autopilot connection as a BETA feature. This will allow users to test the benefits of the feature while providing Aqua Map with valuable feedback for further refinement. Note: Autopilot connection beta is launching first on iOS, with Android to follow shortly.

“Aqua Map has not changed radically; we have listened carefully to the requests of our users, who are the real driving force behind this project.” Says Enrico Valle, CEO and Co-founder of GEC. “Maintaining our commitment to safety and innovation, we are confident that this update will greatly benefit our loyal users and attract even more new users, contributing to the growth of our community.”

For more information about the release and to download the latest update, visit the official Aqua Map website.

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2 Responses

  1. I started up AquaMap last week and WOW – quite a change! It also now works 100% with my Actisense Wifi link to the Network. The olde version required a certain amount of fiddling every time I turned the app on.


  2. Howard says:

    I’m looking forward to trying the Autopilot feature. For the past couple of years I have used Aqua Map on an iPad at my helm, and iNavX on an older iPad on my chart table. I use the same route on both, with iNavX to control my autopilot. My method has been iPad/iNavX-> WiFi-> Boats Router-> Ethernet-> Digital Yacht iKommunicate-> NMEA0183-> Raymarine S3G Autopilot course computer. This has worked well with waypoints getting displayed on my old Raymarine E120 chart plotter and the autopilot navigating the route. I hope to replicate this with a single iPad at the helm running Aqua Map.

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