Lumitec Razor LED Light Bar — Designed for Marine Applications!

The World’s First Flush-Mount Light Bar!

Razor is the world’s first sleek, low profile light bar specifically designed to drop into a contoured pocket molded into a hardtop, radar arch, brow, or other surface. Lumitec’s careful thermal analysis and self-venting design puts an end to ‘pod’ mounted light bars, which can overheat and damage surrounding composites in hardtops.

Mount Razor forward or aft, horizontal or downward facing, or alternatively, use Razor’s surface mount kit on existing flat or slightly crowned tops. Available in flood or spot beam patterns to ensure the light goes where you need it most.

80% Lower Profile than most other light bars on the market.

Razor’s integrated design delivers more power with a cleaner, more streamlined look. Up to 80% more streamlined in fact. Razor allows builders to eliminate light pods which must be molded and added separately, saving many hours of costly finishing labor. Razor simply drops into an as-molded recess or can be surface mounted with the supplied mount brackets. CAD models of mold plugs or tooling inserts may be provided upon request.

Advanced Thermal Management

Razor has been designed and analyzed as a complete system – with careful consideration of the top in which it is mounted. This means that Razor delivers maximum performance while protecting hardtops and pods from dangerously high temperatures

Designed to be integrated into a hardtop.
Will not lose output from thermal cutback.
Will not damage gel-coat from excessive heat.
Can be surface mounted or built-in.

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3 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    I had my hands on one these last week and it seemed very well made and handsome. Also — and don’t know why they failed to mention it in the press release — one of these light bars can put “10,000+ TRUE measured lumens” on deck and/or water when you want.

  2. Naveena says:

    How much distance the Razor lights can cover?

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