Sprint cell coverage map, damn lies!

Sprint_coverage 10m

Type my zip code into the Sprint coverage map and you’ll get the above. The green color indicates some level of service, but the little dots mean “Signal strength information unavailable.” Well, when I queried AnyTrack last week, a tech there told me that “usually, in areas with this sort of coverage there is very spotty Sprint cellular coverage.” I’ll say!

When I drove from Portland to Camden with the AnyTrack trying to send in a position every five minutes it quit altogether way down in Brunswick. And I was driving along Route One, the population corridor! Sprint’s coverage deception gets worse. If you zoom out one level on the map above, you get the one below, on which the dotted “Signal strength unavailable” as well as lighter shaded “Fair” coverage areas all become solid “most complete, all-digital network in the U.S.” green. Compare the map below to my real world coverage track, and see if you don’t agree that the right color would be BS brown.


Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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