ePropulsion Sustainably Mobilizes Hundreds Of Sightseeing Bamboo Rafts On The Guilin Li River

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Very cool! I’ve long thought that longtail engines are a great low-tech way to put some gitty-up in even a boat once only propelled by hand or sail. But a major problem with simply balancing an internal combustion engine on a pivot has got to be noise and vibration. So how neat that the problem could be solved, but the simplicity retained, with electric motors, as I got into when the Temo was introduced in 2020 (crazy American mud boating included):


    So far, I can’t find anything online about the new ePropulsion longtails in use on the Li River but it will be interesting to see how the raft drivers respond and it sure looks like a lovely trip (especially if quiet): https://www.sciencewanders.com/rafting-the-river-li-guilin/

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