Streamline the Boating Experience with CZone Mobile

A complete digital platform service connecting OEM’s brands directly with their customers

LOWELL, Mich. (September 27, 2022) – Navico Group brand CZone, the world leader in intelligent digital switching, today announced the release of CZone Mobile, a full turn-key cloud and mobile app solution made for boat builders to enhance the boating experience for their customers. 

“Consumers want to engage with their boat’s brand in an easy, streamlined way,” said Kevin Steinbraker, VP and General Manager, Digital Systems at Navico Group. “CZone Mobile is helping OEMs provide that personalized experience on and off the boat.” 

The end-to-end digital platform service, inclusive of on-board IoT hardware, cloud integration, and branded mobile app, enables OEMs to deepen their relationship with customers by instantly delivering a personalized, branded app experience. CZone Mobile is more than a “remote control” for the boat. While providing features like monitoring boat location, engine data, battery and fuel levels, and bilge status, it also provides valuable instructional content, marine weather forecasts, trip tracking and more. The mobile app solution also unlocks powerful information for OEMs, and their dealers, using real-time telematic data accessible directly from the Cloud service or through a website portal. CZone Mobile is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Connect 1, a next generation telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) Hub due to be released in Q2 2023. 

“We built this digital platform service so the OEM doesn’t have to. We customize the app, from brand design to content, and even launch the branded app in the App stores for them,” added Steinbraker. “Our solution also integrates their data directly into their systems, such as SalesForce, providing a direct relationship with their customers.”

CZone Mobile is available in the Americas and has already been implemented by several boat brands including Boston Whaler, Sea Ray and Harris. The platform service is expected to be available in international markets in 2023.  

To start your brand integration discussion, contact your Navico Group sales representative. 

Key Features of CZone Mobile Include: 

  • End-to-end digital platform service enabling OEMs to strengthen their customer relationships through a branded experience 
  • Full configurable turn-key system inclusive of on-board IoT hardware, cloud integration and mobile app
  • Local and remote system monitoring & control, as well as valuable instructional content, weather forecasting and more
  • Powerful real-time data accessible directly from the Cloud service or website portal for OEMs and their dealers  

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    In their virtual press conference yesterday, Navico Group emphasized that CZone Mobile is a boatbuilder platform, not a specific app. So what’s seen on these screens may or may not be included in the specific setup customized to a new boat. But, dang, the possibilities seem amazing.

    Note that the communications hardware needed for CZone Mobile is the “Connect 1, a next generation telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) Hub due to be released in Q2 2023.” The few details so far look very capable, and I’m pretty that Connect1 is also provides the mobile and off-boat abilities on just announced Fathom e-Power:

  2. This looks very interesting, but from what I glean from your article, it will not be available to end users unless they have bought their boat from an OEM that uses CZONE.
    In theory, will the builder be able to track your boat, and control it?

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