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MIBS 2024: Skyhawk Oversea, a fresh look at monitoring

Boat monitoring isn’t a new concept or product category. Heck, it’s been 17 years since Ben E. wrote up the first monitors on Panbo. So, you may be wondering what could be so new that my fellow judges and I awarded SkyHawk Oversea at MIBS this year. The short answer is a lot. The longer answer is Skyhawk took a fresh look at most of what we know about boat monitoring and came up with something very different. Will it work? Honestly, I don’t know. But I sure do love the paradigm-pushing approach they took.


PredictWind introduces Over the Horizon AIS, a world-first

We are excited to release the all new Over the Horizon AIS (OHA) feature on the DataHub. View AIS data out to 300nm, directly on your chart-plotter and nav apps, so you can sail safer. Over the Horizon AIS (OHA) increases your AIS range from as low as 5nm to 300nm! If you are sailing at 10 kt using regular AIS and a container ship is…


Sensar Marine Boat + Bilge Monitor: elegant monitoring simplified

In my mind, boat monitors fall into one of two categories: high-end systems that can do everything and simple systems focused on key systems. The former category typically includes all manner of sensors, network interfaces, and other options. Monitors in the latter category focus on monitoring critical indicators of a boat’s health. Depending on the size, complexity, and use of a boat, there are scenarios that fit both categories. Sensar Marine’s Boat and Bilge Monitor focuses on critical systems and may be the most refined example I’ve tested. Overall, I was pleased with how the monitor worked while seeing a few opportunities for even better performance.


Yamaha and Siren Marine Announce New Siren Connected BoatMobile App

Yamaha and Siren Marine announced today the new Siren Connected Boat mobile app backed by a robust marine IoT ecosystem featuring integration with Yamaha outboards and control systems. The app has the ability to personalize the boating experience for customers, combining the branded look of their boat builder with specific information curated especially for them…


One million active users for VictronConnect!

In 2015 we set out to create the world’s best mobile power-management app. The VictronConnect App allows intuitive monitoring, configuration and updating of Victron devices – straight from a phone or tablet. It’s a Pocket Powerhouse which connects you to your power system locally using Bluetooth, USB, Wifi, LAN – or via the internet from wherever you are in the world..


Boat Fix Introduces Industry-Breaking App

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides customized solutions for the boating industry through a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, and sophisticated geofencing – uniquely backed by 24/7 live customer support — announced today its upgraded, easy to use Boat Fix Pro mobile application. Already enjoyed by thousands of users, the Boat Fix Pro app is uniquely designed to give users a safer, more secure and stress-free boating experience…


Boat Fix Launches New And Improved State-Of-The-Art Command & Control Center

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides customized solutions for the boating industry through a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, sophisticated geofencing – uniquely backed by 24/7 live customer support, announced today the launch of its state-of-the-art Command & Control Center located in Southport, CT…


LXNav SmartShunt, WiFi and NMEA 2000 battery monitoring

As a regular reader of Panbo, long before I became involved, my favorite articles were the ones that introduced me to a new product or company. As the editor of Panbo, little excites me more than hearing from a new company and getting to introduce a product to my readers. Perhaps, for many readers, this review will serve as an introduction to LXNav and their SmartShunt WiFi and NMEA 2000-connected battery monitoring shunt. Join me for a review of the SmartShunt and a look at the rest of LXNav’s marine-focused offerings.

Extensive NMEA 2000 Alert messages have long been available, but Garmin is still one of the few manufacturers to support them 13

NMEA 2000 network Alert PGNs seem great, so why are they hardly used?

Most of us get to see the NMEA 2000 data sharing standard doing good on our boats, like how the N2K output of a GPS receiver — or heading sensor, or AIS transponder, etc. — can be seen and used by almost any network display regardless of brand. But I’m sorry to report that most of us have also been missing out on a valuable NMEA 2000 feature that’s been available for over a decade. I’m talking about the set of Alert PGNs — i.e. bundles of subject-specific data and command fields known by their Parameter Group Numbers — that theoretically permit any N2K device to send standard or custom alerts to any display, which…


AIRMAR Introduces New Digital Diesel Flow Meters

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the digital SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters (DFMs). These state-of-the-art sensors are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Airmar SmartBoat Modules (ASMs), providing accurate fuel information through precise analysis of flow, temperature and other parameters…