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Calypso Instruments Ultrasonic NMEA 2000 wind meter, plug and play wind

Wind sensors serve multiple purposes on a boat. For a sailor, they provide critical information to best harness the wind. For a power boater, they provide insight into conditions and a potential preview of close quarters manuevering. Regardless of the application, a simple, reliable, accurate, and easy to use wind instrument is something many boaters value. Does the Calypos Ultrasonic NMEA 2000 Wind Sensor deliver? Let’s take a look.


Raymarine Collaborates With ePropulsion For Industry-First Integration of Electric Motors With Axiom Chartplotters

Raymarine — global leader in high-performance marine electronics for the recreational boating, marine first responder and law-enforcement market — recently announced that it has joined forces with ePropulsion, the global leader in marine electric propulsion systems and services. Through this revolutionary collaboration, boaters now can display engine data from their ePropulsion electric motors directly on Axiom displays, without the need for additional gateways or add-on interface boxes…


Digital Yacht CO Alert carbon monoxide alarm with NMEA 2000 integration

Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning kills boaters every year. Odourless, tasteless and generated from incomplete  combustion from engines, cookers, heaters, outboards, generators etc, it’s a real threat to boating safety. When CO  enters the body, it prevents the blood from bringing oxygen to cells, tissues, and organs. Because you can’t see it, taste  it or smell it, CO will kill quickly without warning. Small concentrations over a long period or high concentrations over a  short period can kill…


Actisense launch ultimate dual NMEA gateway to market

Marine electronics specialists, Actisense, have unveiled an industry leading NMEA gateway, bringing together key technology from two of their previous award-winning gateway devices. The NGX-1 helps boaters and boating installers convert NMEA 0183 data to NMEA 2000, bidirectionally, with the industry’s most comprehensive conversion library which was developed as part of their NGW-1 NMEA 2000 Gateway. The NGX also brings the power of the Actisense NGT-1 NMEA 2000 PC Interface, making it safe and simple to connect a PC to…


LXNav SmartShunt, WiFi and NMEA 2000 battery monitoring

As a regular reader of Panbo, long before I became involved, my favorite articles were the ones that introduced me to a new product or company. As the editor of Panbo, little excites me more than hearing from a new company and getting to introduce a product to my readers. Perhaps, for many readers, this review will serve as an introduction to LXNav and their SmartShunt WiFi and NMEA 2000-connected battery monitoring shunt. Join me for a review of the SmartShunt and a look at the rest of LXNav’s marine-focused offerings.


Digital Yacht introduce BM100 battery monitoring solution and NMEA 2000 interface for Victron power products

Staring at a black plastic battery enclosure and guessing what’s happening or how long it will last – or watching lights get dimmer, electronics dropping out and a winch not operating? Digital Yacht’s new iSeaSense BM100 battery monitoring system allows for highly accurate DC voltage, current and capacity measurements enabling reliable monitoring of your boat’s battery and electrical system…


Orca offers smart navigation with your tablet or theirs

Orca makes some pretty heady claims about their CoPilot navigation app and hardware. Their home page is dominated by the tagline, “The ultimate navigation experience” and promises “Better boating with Orca.” Those are bold statements, but Orca’s goals are indeed ambitious. Orca aims to deliver a smarter, more automated navigation experience by leveraging both their own and off-the-shelf hardware. So, how far along the path to delivering the ultimate navigation experience has Orca progressed so far? Let’s take a look.


Icom’s New M510BB and M410BB Black Box VHF Marine Radios

Introducing Icom’s newest black box VHF marine radios, the M510BB and M410BB. Say goodbye to cluttered helm space and hello to flexible and seamless operation wherever you need it on board. The M510BB and M410BB are ideal space-saving solutions for vessels requiring multiple communication points. The M510BB allows up to three CommandMic stations, and the M410BB, up to two…

Extensive NMEA 2000 Alert messages have long been available, but Garmin is still one of the few manufacturers to support them 13

NMEA 2000 network Alert PGNs seem great, so why are they hardly used?

Most of us get to see the NMEA 2000 data sharing standard doing good on our boats, like how the N2K output of a GPS receiver — or heading sensor, or AIS transponder, etc. — can be seen and used by almost any network display regardless of brand. But I’m sorry to report that most of us have also been missing out on a valuable NMEA 2000 feature that’s been available for over a decade. I’m talking about the set of Alert PGNs — i.e. bundles of subject-specific data and command fields known by their Parameter Group Numbers — that theoretically permit any N2K device to send standard or custom alerts to any display, which…


AIRMAR Introduces New Digital Diesel Flow Meters

AIRMAR Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the digital SmartFlex Diesel Flow Meters (DFMs). These state-of-the-art sensors are specifically designed to work seamlessly with Airmar SmartBoat Modules (ASMs), providing accurate fuel information through precise analysis of flow, temperature and other parameters…