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Garmin GPSMap 9000 series, high resolution and big power

Garmin’s GPSMap 9000 series is a tour de force in many ways. At 27 inches, the largest member of the line is the largest main stream MFD out there. With 4K resolution it’s the highest resolution MFD on the market. It has ample processing power, myriad interfaces for integration, and ample screen real estate.



Shortly before the 2024 Miami International Boat Show, Simrad announced the NSX ULTRAWIDE multi-function device. My first reaction when I saw it was that Simrad was joining other ultrawide displays already in the market. But, when I stopped to think about it, I realized they are the first to introduce an ultrawide MFD to the marine marketplace. It seemed like such a logical next step that I thought someone must have done it already. So, I believe Simrad deserves credit for being the first and keeping pace with broader trends.


What I learned about Furuno’s new TZtouchXL MFD series at MIBS

I just returned from the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show (DBMIBS or MIBS as most of us know it) and while there spent time with Furuno USA learning all about their new TZtouchXL MFDs. Panbo will bring you more coverage of these new MFDs, but before the ink dries, I wanted to get a few notes out about the new units.


Furuno’s All-New TZtouchXL Series Delivers “Off The Charts” Performance With Exclusive, Industry-First Features!

Furuno has historically set the bar for the most powerful Multi Function Displays (MFDs) with the easiest-to-use interface, and with the release of NavNet TZtouchXL, the bar has been set higher than ever before. The NavNet TZtouchXL series introduces five different sizes of MFDs with all the features boaters desire, including exclusive, never-before-seen features in recreational navigation devices. Plus, they pack all of the power and performance that has been the hallmark of Furuno for decades, wrapped in a fresh and simple-to-use user interface…


Garmin announces Panoptix PS70, GPSMAP 16×3 series, and new black color editions in Miami

Good morning! Just a quick note to share this morning’s announcements – the Panoptix PS70, GPSMAP 16×3 series, and an array of new black color editions in various products, all announcing today in conjunction with the Miami International Boat Show. The press releases are attached along with some highlights below…


Simrad Debuts the World’s First Fully-Featured Ultrawide Marine Display with the New NSX ULTRAWIDE

Simrad Yachting, a leader in marine electronics and navigation, today introduced the NSX ULTRAWIDE, the world’s first fully-featured ultrawide marine display. Delivering all the benefits of dual screens in one place, the new NSX ULTRAWIDE is up to 63% wider than the NSX* and provides a more streamlined and immersive experience resulting in an elevated dash aesthetic that unlocks new possibilities and a superior charting experience…


Raymarine Sets a New Standard in Commercial Vessel Operations

Raymarine is disrupting the commercial marine market with a cost-effective and easy-to-install, IMO-compliant solid-state X-band radar system – the Pathfinder Radar. Built on the brand’s proven and award-winning solid-state radar technology, Pathfinder is designed for CAT 2 and CAT 3 SOLAS vessels. this revolutionary radar system is ideal for vessels up to 10,000 tons, including superyacht, megayacht and OSV/deep water vessels. Using cutting-edge solid-state technology, the system delivers exceptional resolution and detection capabilities even in the most challenging maritime conditions…


Tocaro Blue acquires Moxie IoT to accelerate development of PROTEUS navigation assistance

Tocaro Blue has acquired Birmingham, AL based Moxie IoT for an undisclosed amount in order to accelerate the development of navigation assistance systems and autonomous boating technology for the recreational marine industry. …including PROTEUS: a hardware device that combines sensor information from the vessel’s RADAR, depth transducer, and various data sets with advanced machine learning models. This information appears as an intuitive display, enabling confidence and enhanced awareness…


Garmin introduces the GPSMAP 9000 series, the recreational marine market’s largest chartplotters with 4K resolution

Garmin, the world’s most innovative and recognized marine electronics manufacturer, today unveiled its flagship GPSMAP 9000 chartplotter series designed for captains who demand the best. Available with 19″, 22″, 24″ or 27″ touchscreen displays, these all-in-one chartplotters offer stunning 4K resolution with edge-to-edge clarity, powered by a processor that’s seven-times faster than previous generations. Thanks to the new Garmin BlueNet gigabit network, these premium multi-function displays (MFDs) provide comprehensive connectivity throughout the vessel with faster networking speeds than ever before…