Raymarine Update Adds Navigation, Entertainment and Avikus NeuBoat Docking Features

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    It’s impressive that Raymarine’s latest Lighthouse MFD operating system now incorporates the ‘brains’ behind the Avikus docking system, which Ben Stein detailed last September:


    But most Axiom owners will be more interested in all the other new features and bug fixes in LH v4.6.103. One that caught my eye, especially for sailors, is how an Axiom can now run an auto Speed Through Water calibration leveraging the advanced sensors built into the Airmar DST810, which isn’t even included in the press release (and why I created the screenshot from the new LH 4.6 manual).


    However, the list of new LH features and “resolved issues” — https://www.raymarine.com/en-us/download/lighthouse-4-update-for-axiom-chartplotters — also suggests the amazing complexity of modern MFD operating systems. And note that v4.6.103, which actually came out in March, replaced February’s v4.6.74. That’s good news in the sense that many Axiom owners have probably tried the many new features by now, and apparently some 4.6 are already fixed.

    But I take major MFD updates like this quite seriously. I wouldn’t do one right before a big trip, for instance, and if the boat was new to me, I’d wait until I had a good feel of how the MFD was working before the update. I’ve also learned the hard way to read the update instructions carefully, and appreciate it when a company like Raymarine publishes new updated manuals to go with the software update. (Although Ray makes you find them in a separate place: https://www.raymarine.com/en-us/support/document-library )

    Finally here’s more on auto STW calibration and other LH4.6 sailing features: https://www.raymarine.com/en-us/learning/online-guides/lighthouse-for-sailing

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