MIBS 2023 – Icom 510BB VHF radio

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. Sven says:

    This seems more like it should have been called the M605BB – features line up nearly 100%. 510’s halo feature was the phone stuff – and that not being present here is a miss.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes, the 510 is almost perfect, except they chose to scalp us for the additional interface $… simply to get nmea2000 … which frankly these days should be standard ! .. the incremental cost really is minimal … in a radio that retails for way over $700 !!

    • I agree completely. Icom lost quite a few installations when the 510 came out. It is a beautiful radio but they missed the boat entirely on the structure and pricing of it.

      • Steven M says:

        The pricing for the 510 (dash mount and not the topic of discussion here) + second unit isn’t the blocker for me. It’s the fact that I now have extra sets of power cables and another box that turns the install looking kind of crummy. Also the display is lacking a number pad but doesn’t seem like an efficient use of space, which I prefer to spinning a dial to get to 68 or whatever other channel – so I don’t feel like having this on the dash vs a black box, is a win. The M510 dash unit looks dated, and it’s not like my Furuno TZT3 stuff looks super modern to begin with – but the age of 4″ screens for AIS/etc.. is over. The other missing feature is the “last call” feature on other icoms.

        What I want is an “M610” both in dash mount and black box (or maybe just sell a black box and offer command heads) with the phone integration (running the app and being able to use AirPods is pretty awesome), last call, and number pads on command mic/heads.

        Outside the above, the 510 is a great VHF – I hear distant stations well, and they report hearing me exceptionally clearly. This is the part of the equation that others seem to overlook – and probably the most important in a VHF.

        • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

          It’s really interesting, my first reaction to the external box was also negative. I looked at it and thought it was an unnecessary additional component plus it put the NMEA 2000 connection the wrong side of WiFi connection and that seemed like a potential additional source of issues.

          But, every time I talk to Icom I hear how well the M510 is selling and how well it’s been received. I don’t know how to explain the disconnect. Perhaps Icom would be shocked to learn how many more they would sell without this decision. Or, perhaps we are over-estimating how many people care enough to not buy the radio.

          -Ben S.

          • Bill K says:

            I’m with you on the disconnect issue. Well, that, and salesmen lie.

            This seems like yet another swing-and-a-miss from Icom.

            Has anyone seen a B&G V100 yet? It was announced several years ago.

    • Joe says:

      Not just the cost even if external box was free it is just something else to fail. I can’t believe Icom did it on a high end radio like the 510. Maybe they will fix it in 3-5 years when whatever next comes out 520 or 510 doesn’t suck edition.

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