Monthly Archive: June 2007

Panbo offshore, 3rd try 2

Panbo offshore, 3rd try


6/28 I’m now ashore and able to upload this shot of Malcom Willard showing off a three-meal dolphin on a lake-like Atlantic ocean. It was taken on Tuesday, a few hundred miles south of the Gulf Stream. I didn’t manage to get the text below online until Wed. afternoon. Note that no electronics played a part in the fish’s demise:

Note to self: If I ever get to try this again—posting a Panbo entry from offshore with a sat phone—

Nauticast B, the testing begins 1

Nauticast B, the testing begins

As hoped for, waiting in Bermuda was an ACR Nauticast B Class B AIS and, happy day, I got it installed and working without a problem. In fact, I’m really impressed with the detailing—packaging, cabling,...

Panbo offshore, sporadic 2

Panbo offshore, sporadic

Actually I may be in Bermuda, and able to get online, for a few days. On the other hand, I might have some difficulties getting the gizmology through security! Then again, maybe I can figure...

Pilot’s bag, part 1 4

Pilot’s bag, part 1


That’s Skip Strong making his way down Nor’easter’s twisty pilot ladder, as seen from the bow of the Penobscot Pilot. Man, that move must get the adrenaline pumping, say, on a dark night with a big sea running. (Capt. Ryan told me that they can manage a ladder like this in up to about eight footers, sometimes getting the ship to turn toward the ladder and using the flatter turbulence created inside the turn). At any rate, Strong, who is a bit of a geek (and I mean that in a good way) has quite the electronics in that bag he’s toting…

Milt, from mid Atlantic 4

Milt, from mid Atlantic

Med Bound 2007

I’m way behind on the work, not to mention the gizmo preparation, that needs doing before Bermuda (Bill and Gram are about to finish 7th overall uncorrected, if not passed by a 42’ cat in the next hour), so I’m turning it over to Milt Baker. These snippets are from today’s noon report, filed from almost the midpoint of the Med Bound 2007 Bermuda-Azores leg:

Write the gov’ment, HF weather & AIS B 5

Write the gov’ment, HF weather & AIS B

Two issues U.S. boaters might want to comment on: 1. Apparently the HF transmitters the USCG uses to send out offshore weather forecasts—voice, fax, etc.—need to be replaced and the government wants to know if it’s...