Monthly Archive: January 2008

MTW DVD’s, dump trucks of data 2

MTW DVD’s, dump trucks of data


In our Panbo discussion about how to tune up your electronics and general navigation gear for the coming season, one recurring suggestion was to update your charts and reference publications. Another, less obvious, idea was to get all your manuals in PDF form, which many find easier to search, not to mention stow. Well, check out Managing the Waterway’s 2008 chart and pub DVD set, a phenomenal collection of…

FCC & Class B, Maritel’s back! 11

FCC & Class B, Maritel’s back!


Arghhhhhh! The FCC’s final approval of the Class B AIS ruling, already troubled, just got a lot more complicated. In the last few days a lawyer for MariTEL, Inc. has spoken directly to the legal aides for three of the five FCC Commissioners, trying to make the case that the Ruling is unfair to MariTEL…

NMEA 2000, real world issues 25

NMEA 2000, real world issues


Chris Witzgall from Apex, NC, recently wrote {slightly edited}: “Your site has been invaluable as I get back into boating after a long hiatus, and work out the electronics for our new-to-us Westerly Fulmar sailboat. I have settled on NMEA 2000. Our needs are relatively simple; here is what I have**, or will have*…

DeLorme PN-20, first &$?!ing look 8

DeLorme PN-20, first &$?!ing look


Sure, I’m a dite biased toward companies from Maine. I’d be excited about ActiveCaptain no matter where it was, but knowing that it’s home-based right across the the Bay likely juices my enthusiasm a few percentile (and maybe the reverse bias is why my Navagear buds seem so oddly tepid on AC?). At any rate, it’s with some sadness that I’m about to skewer DeLorme, even though