A Cruising Concierge From Marinalife And Maptech

I really like this cooperation between Marinalife and Maptech. It will make life easier for boaters by integrating lots of services with Maptech’s interface. I hope this is just an example of what to expect in the (near) future.
“Marinalife has created a centralized Internet-based reservation system for marinas, kind of an Expedia for recreational boaters that it calls a “cruising concierge” system. The five-person company is combining its system with technology developed by Amesbury, Mass.-based Maptech to bring a range of navigation and communications tools to boaters on the water. Maptech has consolidated and simplified a range of electronic navigation technology that enables boaters to check the weather, access radar images and send and receive e-mail with a few touches on a computer screen. By joining forces, the two companies aim to become an online travel agent of sorts for boaters. They’ll be able to create navigation charts and, from the water, reserve a slip at a marina and make dinner and hotel arrangements for after docking.”

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