ePropulsion Announces Model Year 2021 Introductions with Seven New Evo Series Motors and Industry-First Hydrogeneration Capabilities

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    There’s a whole lot new at ePropulsion, but I’m happy to note that the Spirit 1.0 Plus electric outboard that I reviewed last summer is still in the lineup:


    So while pricing for all the new Evo models is not out yet, apparently the Spirit One Evo will be the “premium” 3hp-equivalent outboard, and also the one with the hydrogenation that might be appropriate to small sailboats. But note the watts-generated-versus-boat-speed performance curve published with the new Evo info — https://www.epropulsion.com/spirit-evo — because you need a pretty quick boat to make much juice and it will have to simultaneously overcome the drag of the outboard in generator mode. At the virtual press conference yesterday, CEO Tao said they see about 5-10% speed reduction with hydrogenation in action (it can be turned off).

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to seeing the performance of the new Evo models, hopefully with hydrogeneration included, detailed as ePropulsion has already nicely done with the previous models:


    Finally, my inner fact-checker would like to add that electric pod drives with hydrogeneration already exist, and that there’s much evidence to support Torqeedo’s dualing claim to the global “Leader in Electric Boat Drives” spot.

  2. Luis Soltero Luis Soltero says:

    i like the regen idea… for people like me who tow their dingies everywhere the regen capability basically means that we don’t have to remove the battery to charge over night from our house bank…


    • Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

      Wow, that’s an interesting concept that I missed entirely, and maybe ePropulsion has too!

      Moreover, wouldn’t towing with the e-outboard down and creating more drag in regen mode also make the dinghy track better in frisky conditions? While the dent in Bliss’s performance would probably be almost undetectable?

      I hope that you or someone experiments with this idea.

  3. Luis Soltero Luis Soltero says:

    i have to say that we really like our torquedo… but having to remove the battery every once in a while to do an overnight charge using the inverter is kind of a pain… wondering if the regen capacity is enough for us to switch… getting my arguments ready for the adminral!


  4. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    We just received ePropulsion 2021 pricing:

    Spirit 1.0 Plus – $1,999
    Spirit 1.0 Evo – $2,699
    Spare Spirit Battery – $899
    Navy 3.0 Evo – $2,349
    Navy 6.0 Evo – $2,949
    Pod Drive 1.0 Evo – $1,100
    Pod Drive 3.0 Evo – $2,299
    Pod Drive 6.0 Evo – $2,899
    E40 Battery 48V 2kWh – $1,199
    E80 Battery 48V 4kWh – $1,999
    E175 Battery 48V 9kWh – $3,999
    E-Series Battery Charger – $480

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