Kite fishing for sailfish with Ben and Garmin

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  1. Quitsa says:

    Looks like quite fun trip. Reading slightly between the lines, it would seem that an experienced radar user who feels comfortable with the collision avoidance capability of a conventional magnetron radar would be better off with the Garmin 25kW open array than with the new Fantom if a primary objective for having the radar is to spot birds and storms at the greatest range. It’s pretty clear that a 40W solid state radar just won’t have comparable range even though its performance might be as good at 3-5 miles. I also note that the published resolution specification is slightly lower (less resolution) for the Fantom 6 at 1.25 degrees compared to 1.1 for the 6 foot xHD2 magnetron units.
    I am just in the process of choosing new electronics so this is more than an abstract question for me — seems as though cooking the birds with 25kW is still the most capable radar choice.

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