Krill SS BB PC, N2K too


Krill Systems just announced its solid state (SS), black box (BB), marine PC, which means I get to drag out this shot of Casey Cox mugging with it at my kitchen table in June. The box uses a flash disk drive and embedded Windows XP for 24/7 reliability with a current draw of only 55 watts. It’s meant to run Krill’s monitoring software exclusively (though it’s powerful enough to run other applications, and Cox said that he’s willing to talk with developers who might have an appropriate, and rock solid, co-use for it).

Krill, by the way, recently introduced neat little temperature probes to its sensor portfolio and is incorporating NMEA 2000 support into the PC, as shown below. Neither feature is detailed at, but Cox is clearly working toward a complete vessel monitoring system which can not only deliver critical info to the bridge, or to you and yours ashore, but is also nuanced enough to predict problems before they become critical. (Incidently, flash photography aside, Krill software looked gorgeous on that Hatteland monitor, one of a new series that I covered in PMY…sixty of which will go on a new Lurseen megayacht, it was just announced. Sixty!)

Krill system w NMEA 2000

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

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  1. DefJef says:

    About 15 years ago I contacted KVH about developing a solid state “marine” black box similar to what is used in commercial aviation. The Marine black box would log the data from the vessel instruments… engine, weather. It would certainly come in handy in settling lawsuits.
    They weren’t interested. Is any company offering such a device and if not why isn’t such a device mandatory for commercial vessels?

  2. Norton Rider says:

    Such a device already exists and I believe the rules require a phased-in installation on vessels above a certain tonnage. It is called a Voyage Data Recorder (VDR). A number of suppliers make them (Furuno, JRC, etc.).

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