Marine Wireless Navigation Server

Todd Huss wrote me an email about a new product he is developing, allowing secure wireless access to navigation information anywhere on a boat. He warns me not to expect it to be cheap at launch, but have a look for yourself at their website.
“The Marine Wireless Navigation Server enables secure wireless access (802.11b 128bit WEP encryption) to navigation information anywhere on a vessel. Any number of navigation clients (handhelds, laptops, weatherproof tablet PC’s) can wirelessly access data from Seatalk or NMEA enabled navigation devices such as GPS, radar, wind, depth, autopilot, and speed. Using the included virtual serial port software will enable your existing navigation applications (e.g. The Capn, Nobeltec, Raytech Navigator, SeaClear, etc…) to work wirelessly so you can navigate from the nav station, your bunk, or in the cockpit!”

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