Scania Showcases New Marine Hybrid Solution

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  1. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Given that “230 kW of continuous power” translates to about 308 continuous mechanical horsepower, this inline motor/generator is indeed powerful, and especially so if Scania supports a boost mode where electric and diesel propulsion are combined. I couldn’t find that level of detail but this Maritime Reporter interview does suggest that the E-Machine is a complete solution with some sort of drive train redundancy built in:

    Meanwhile, for boats with more modest power generation and propulsion needs, Integrel is now marketing its inline hybrid design. There are two models — 15 or 30 kW max power generation with 20 or 40 max drive horsepower — and those numbers can be doubled with a dual engine setup. Plus Integrel now claims full integration with Navico’s 48v Fathom platform. See E-Drive PDF here:

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