SSECN and MITA cruising info apps, Doyle Bon Voyage, and Cuba Ho!

Ben Ellison

Ben Ellison

Panbo editor, publisher & chief bottlewasher from 4/2005 until 8/2018, and now pleased to have Ben Stein as a very able publisher, webmaster, and editing colleague. Please don't regard him as an "expert"; he's getting quite old and thinks that "fadiddling fumble-putz" is a more accurate description.

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  1. Sheldon Haynie says:

    Wow, how times have changed. I recall setting out from “2KR” at Portsmouth and raising Matinicus Rock Light back in 2001 and being darn glad that I had GPS and a chart with separate radar, and didn’t have to listen for the bell buoys.

  2. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Sheldon, somewhere in my domain is a Walker Excelsior taffrail log that I dragged across the Gulf of Maine (and beyond) numerous times in the 70’s. It worked fine, unless something tried to eat the torpedo or a careless operator somehow got the tow line caught in the wheel (!) and apparently it’s now worth more than most old electronics:

  3. Sheldon Haynie says:

    We ran around Lake Ontario in the ’60’s & 70’s on family boat with a nixie flasher depth, an RDF, and compass. At least Canada was a backstop

  4. Rick R says:

    The SSECN app is nice, and will be very useful for anyone cruising the ICW, but what happened to the ARGUS layer? It’s on their website, but not the app.

  5. Ben Ellison Ben Ellison says:

    Good question, Rick, and here’s the good word from the SSECN developer (who shouldn’t be at all apologetic in my opinion):
    “Thanks for forwarding the question since it really helps us prioritize the development.
    ARGUS layer is already on the enhancement list for a future release – I hope to have it in the next major update which will be this summer. At some point I had to cut off development and get an initial version released – unfortunately ARGUS was one of the items that didn’t make it.”

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