Amazon Fire TV Recast on a boat?

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

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  1. James says:

    Thanks for the heads up – I won’t likely use it but it may find a place under my kids’ Christmas tree!

    Not sure it is worth the trouble, but conceivably you could add a router and vpn from your boat back to your home network. I think that having the content local (decreased bandwidth, higher reliability, etc.) is still the best approach though. .

  2. Michael says:

    I found a remarkably easy approach to TV on my 1995 Nonsuch 354 with a built-in 1995 entertainment center, including an analog CRT/TV/VCR. I installed a three-way PL-259 Coax switch in the nav station and use my 65’ mast mounted VHF for 1) Garmin 200 Marine VHF comms and 600 AIS when underway, and 2) ICOM 7100 2-meter amateur radio (K7TW) and 3) a new 20” ATSC TV when docked.

    Although there’s an abvious impedance and freq tuning mismatch,for #2 and #3, 65’ of height cures a lot of ills. I guess I could connect the Fire TV Recast for 4 channel DVR function,

  3. SV Cloud 9 says:

    I do not understand the need for this box except for recordeing-TV. Otherwise connect my TV to the antenna and viola watch TV. I used a DVR for years to make DVD recordings no internet required. Also easy to share with fellow cruisers and can watch on laptop, PC, and even when I’m away from my boat

    • Colin A says:

      It allows the content on the DVR to be distributed on the network. So you can watch DVR’s shows on the Ipad as well as the TV for instance. Kind of an easy way to divide one antenna connection to many devices.

  4. Michael says:

    I have been streaming media for years with no problem on my Trojan F32. I use a Shakespeare WebWatch which I can connect to a local wifi hotspot or AT&T data. I then have a Slingbox connected to my home cablebox. Slingbox allows me to stream all the channels I get at home anywhere to an IOS device for free, I then output my IOS device to my onboard smart TV. The smart TV connects to my Prime and Netfix accounts so that’s covered and the Webwatch also takes care of my over the air TV. Very easy and it all works like a charm.

  5. Justin W says:

    Since I got the recast, which was the Saturday after it was shipped., I have been able to use it to stream away from home with only minor problems. Live tv and recordings work. It’s very strange because yes in the help menu, and other places the information keeps switching. It sometimes said you need to be on the same network, and other times it saids you can stream anywhere. I reached out to amazon and confirmed that you could stream live tv and recordings from anywhere in the world
    And they did confirmed it.

    I however don’t use it, I just like it as an option. I have tested it several times. A few channels now and then will give me problems but for the most part it worked. Right now you are unable to schedule recordings unless you’re on a fire tv device on the same network as the recast. You are able to hit record on whatever is on at the very moment, I also don’t believe there is a guide when using the app away from home or even at home.

  6. Dan Barthel says:

    Take a look at the Tablo too. More mature than the Recast and works with Roku.

  7. Alex says:

    This is great if internet is present, does it work with your network but no internet?

  8. Butch Davis says:

    Interesting, but how about Tivo?

  9. Butch Davis says:

    Can the Recast work without the internet? I don’t know, but the Firestick must have internet to work, IIRC. I suspect Recast must have internet.

    The Tivo, OTOH, does not require internet service to record/replay programs but it must have cable or an OTA signal. We use ours for OTA only. If you want the programming information from a Tivo it must have internet service, that also applies to periodic software updates, etc.

    • Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

      The Recast (and as you mentioned the entire Fire eco-system) must have internet connectivity to function. This is definitely a limitation and depending on your cruising may make the Recast a poor choice.

  10. Ben Stein Ben Stein says:

    Just a quick update. It’s been a year and a half since we started using the Recast as our primary source of live TV on the boat. It still works very well but nearly all the limitations I’ve mentioned still apply. I’d really hoped Amazon might resolve the issue of not being able to record one place and watch on a TV in another. There are some workarounds but they’re kludgey at best.

    But, the recast has faithfully recorded many hours of TV and gracefully dealt with power disruptions from shore power to generator transfers and back.

    I don’t yet know of a product that would do a better job and certainly not at the very reasonable price point the Fire TV ecosystem offers.

    -Ben S.

  11. Brandon Brandon says:

    I too have had the recast on our boat for some time. It has done a great job. I hardwired it into 12v on the boat, that way when we go anchor out a few miles, it will still record without the AC power interruptions. I just need to buy a new TV antenna though to mount on the arch, mine is too weak.

  12. Butch Davis says:

    The “Leaf” has worked well for us. It has great reception range. Ours is the non-boosted type.

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